The B.e. Easy staff is looking for a limited number of volunteers to dedicate their time to helping make the event as successful as possible and help out our cause. We need volunteers for both the day of the event and promotions leading up to the day of the festival. If you are interested fill out the form on the next page.


If you would like to know other ways you can help just send us an email on the sign up page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We cant do this with out you!

Become a B.e.
Easy Sponsor


The B.e. Easy Music and Arts festival is a non-profit and needs the support of sponsors wishing to help our cause to make this a success. We are asking for help from those interested in becoming a B.e. Easy Sponsor. If you are interested simply fill out a form on the donation page.


We have set up a number of different sponsorship levels with different perks and ways to give back to those who help us make a difference. Thank you all for your support.


Sign up to be a vendor


If you are interested in becoming a vendor with this years B.e. Easy please contact our vending coordinator Elizabeth Roth on the next page. We are looking for an assortment of talented artist and crafts of home made goods to have available the day of the event.


We as each vendor donate some goods to the raffle the benefit the event. The deadline for this years volunteer sign up is Janruary 14, 2015.

Get Involved, Join the cause!


The B.e. Easy Music and Arts Festival needs you! The more people involved in our fight the better we can start making a difference. Below are some ways you can become more involved in our festival and start help make the change.